Seneca Center Campus

Oakland, California

Seneca Center for Children and Families is a 'system of care' agency dedicated to providing a comprehensive continuum of community-based and family-focused treatment services. The new Seneca campus, designed on an eight-acre site on the west side of the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital property in Oakland, is a 64,000 square foot project and includes a therapeutic preschool, a K-through-12 special education school, and a group care residential facility. The three campus buildings are set at different grade elevations on the sloping hillside site, linked by a system of landscaped pathways and outdoor playfields. Daylighting and ventilation, important elements of the sustainable design, are achieved with clerestory glazing at each classroom, while individual courtyards provide a comfortable indoor-outdoor environment for students with specialized needs.

In association with Ratcliff Architects