Orciuoli Residence

Atherton, California

Located on a relatively flat lot in Atherton, under a sheltering canopy of mature oaks, this single story family house with basement, forms a U around a strong central axis.  The homeowners came to us with an appreciation for the Case Study Houses of Southern California. They loved the clean lines and the clear logic of their plans.  A stone stair tower defines the vertical while long linear white roofs enclose the 3 wings of the home.  A trellis shoots through the entry door and through the main living space, and out into the courtyard, where a pool continues the axis and ends at a water feature emerging from the pool house wall.

The main entertaining spaces are parallel to the street.  One wing houses family spaces - the kitchen and playroom, and the wing on the opposite side of the pool houses the bedroom areas.  The pool house, guest house and shady barbecue terrace are formed by a linear detached structure in counterpoint to the main axis.