Helios House

Calistoga, California

Designed for indoor-outdoor living and maximizing views of vineyards in the foreground and mountains in the distance, this new 6,300 square foot home is envisioned as a multi-generational gathering space for a young couple with two children and family members from the surrounding area.  An existing home on the site was located poorly, very visible from the busy Silverado Trail, and in a low zone so that it missed out on the incredible views available from the higher portions of the 7.5-acre site.

The new home is located on top of a knoll previously occupied by a swimming pool. The new site shields the home from the roadway, while focusing views to vineyards and rolling hills to the west. Accessed from a new driveway and entrance courtyard on the north side, the home’s circulation spine runs east to west, aligned with the top of the ridge.  In counterpoint, the master suite on the north side and the guesthouse on the south side run perpendicular to the grade, dramatically cantilevering over stone plinths into the treetops of existing madrone, pine and heritage oak trees.  Built of stone, wood and glass, this new home is a careful modern insertion into a sensitive wine country environment, preserving all but a few of the hundreds of existing trees on the property.