Clovis Pet Adoption Center

Clovis, California

The City's central park with its state-of-the-art skate board facility is currently undergoing extensive renovation due to ongoing security concerns. A cornerstone of the Police Department's program to create a more secure and community oriented part is to locate the City's new animals Care Facility within the park and promote a wide range of activity generating public services. The new 22,000 SF City of Clovis Adoption Center element will be located within this masterplan and will include a public spay/neuter clinic, administrative and animal control support facilities, a multi-purpose educational classroom, and a unique system of indoor/outdoor kennels grouped around a series of intimate public adoption gardens which are then linked by a main circulation spine that connects the new building to the central features of the public park. As an added public service amenity, police and park and recreation offices are planned as part of the overall project.