Black Point House

Honolulu, Hawaii

For 30 years, the owners have resided in a vernacular Hawaiian home on the site, a windy hilltop overlooking Koko Head.  Their existing home featured a very tall gabled roof with low eaves, and balconies that were unusable due to the high winds. Wishing for a bright and open modern home, they invited us to redesign their home from the ground up, with light interiors, great views, and better protection from the wind.

Sheltering stone walls embrace the home, protecting it from the strong trade winds from the North that gust through the site.  Two parallel stone walls shoot toward the view and enclose the great room and the master bedroom with full-height glass walls beyond that provide beautiful views of Koko Head and Maunalua Bay.  These walls are in turn are anchored on the site by a stone tower that sits on the high side of the site, and connects to a tall circulation spine.  High roofs with wood ceilings float above the stone walls.